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Machinery And Equipment Of The Cane Sugar Factory By L A Tromp Pdf .pdf.rar haireao




This is an abstract of a docum ent published in 1876 by the "Europaische Wissenschaftliche Reise," of R. C. Hook and Co., Philadelphia. This report appeared in connection with the Westminster Company's project for the manufacture of sugar and molasses on a large scale in the Caribbean. The project was for a factory in the Cayman Islands. In this report the author describes the mechanical equipment of the factory, especially the mill and boiling house. He notes that about 300 tons of cane are needed to make one ton of sugar. He states that it will cost 25 cts a ton for carrying of cane to the mill, and 7 1-2 cts a ton for pressing of the juice. The report concludes with a discussion of possibilities for the development of the industry in the Cayman Islands and the production of high quality sugar. This dissertation deals with the problem of electrical machinery and equipment. The following sections are discussed: (1) a brief survey of electrical power sources; (2) electrical transformers and commutators; (3) transformers and resonant circuits; (4) induction motors; (5) excitation circuits of induction motors; (6) converter-rectifiers; (7) single- and multiphase induction motors; (8) magnetic circuit and field evaluation; (9) alternating current motors; (10) electromagnetic relays; (11) electric controls; (12) ignition systems; and (13) information devices. The author has also created an extensive bibliography. This thesis was written for the degree of doctor of philosophy and was presented in December 1933. This thesis is an analysis of the historical development of the winding techniques for electrical motors and generators. From an historical viewpoint the data are arranged chronologically, and for each technique the achievements are discussed with respect to the technical development. The papers that are included in this thesis are well illustrated with graphs, illustrations, and diagrams. After a short introduction the four chapters of the thesis are dealt with as follows: Chapter I, history of electrical winding techniques for motors and generators. Chapter II, types of rotors. Chapter III, winding procedures. Chapter IV, safety. The objective of the presentation was to bring together the major technological advances and their relative importance in the production of electrical induction motors. The presentation included information on the current status of the technology and its relationship to the future direction of development. It also includes a brief discussion of the future state of the industry



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Machinery And Equipment Of The Cane Sugar Factory By L A Tromp Pdf .pdf.rar haireao

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